Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday check in!

Things have been so crazy around here with finals and getting my house back to normal from weeks of neglect!

I am happy to say, though, that I have kept losing.

And I totally forgot to celebrate last week by saying that I hit the official 20 pound loss mark from day before surgery to last check in, two weeks ago... 267 to 247! Happy dance!!!!

This week I weighed in at 245. That's a 2 pound change!

Seems like I am averaging a pound per week, which I know is good an healthy, BUT seeing as how I've been playing softball at least 2 nights per week an exercising more in general, I was hoping for a slight increase. Especially because a mid week weigh in showed me 242! I even text a picture of it to Sweets! I know this mid week weighing is a bad habit, but I was feeling really good that day and just wanted to see. I am beginning to wonder too, if maybe weighing on Sunday is a bad idea since we typically go out Saturday night for dinner and Saturday end up being my worst diet day not to mention in usually dehydrated and holding onto water like there is a drought coming! Maybe I will change weigh in day to Friday. That way I have all week to work off the bad decisions from the weekend prior. ;)

Also, I finally figured out what NSV means! And I've totally got a couple! First: I bought a pair of jeans at Target from the regular size section!!!! Size 18 and they fit like a dream! Granted in my dream, a slight belly bulge is totally acceptable! :)

Another NSV: I participated in the Susan G Komen race for the cure and walked the entire course without feeling out of breath AND then decided my friend and I would walk back to the car with Austin, my son, in his jogging stroller... Well apparently from 17th ave back to 1st street is a bit of a hike! And according to my Nike plus app I walked a total of 7.5 miles that morning! only 3.2 of which was part of the race! Needless to say, I was sore and tired the next day!!!

Well that's all for now! I'll leave You with some pics!
First is those victory jeans from target, and my new haircut! (BTW Siri now calls me hot mamma.) and the others are from the race and include me and barrel boy from KNIX and me and Austin. :)

Thanks for checking In y'all!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Weigh in on Monday!

Stepped on the scale yesterday, but with the Race For the Cure going on, I didn't have time to check in on here. :)

10/13/12 - 247
That's a one pound change. :) I'll take it.

OH and something new! I got a new car! I am so excited to have more room to cart around my kiddo and all his crap! :)

Lots of pictures to come from the race and maybe even one of my new baby!

Happy Monday Ya'll!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fills and Thrills... (on the scale that is...)

So I got my first fill... I was terrified, but I sucked it up and I am so glad I did. (Thanks for the Pep Talk Phoenix Ladies group!)  I feel so much more in control of my band now. Before the fill I was feeling like I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and however much I wanted which, HELLO!, is how I got this way in the first place. So I had this period of blues and whining, but post-fill am feeling sooooo much better.

My last weigh in was on Sunday this past weekend on 10/7/12:

248 pounds was the magic number!
(Almost to the 20 pound mark... Ive even seen it a few times, though it wasn't on an official weigh in day so I am not counting it!)

So that's -2 pounds since my one month post op weigh in. I stayed at 250(ish) for like 3 weeks, which probably contributed to my blues and to my lack of posting. I promise not to be a big baby anymore!

I will include a picture that I sent to my Bestie "Sweets" to show off my progress since she lives so far away. I can really tell in my lower back right now. (Did YOU know there was muscle there? Cuz i had no idea I had muscle there, lol!) My boobs are still ginormous in this picture, which I am not sure is a problem yet or not.. haha! Hubby doesn't seem to mind. I do think I am ready for a smaller bra though, everything seems to jiggle and wiggle in there, and girls, you know if you are well endowed like me, having some control over those tatas is super necessary! I should also note that I am wearing size 20 jeans now, and can even fit into some 18s! woot!!!

Ignore my Son's messy room!
Current weight: 248
Current Jean size: 18
Current shirt size: xxl or xl (the picture above shows my new shirts in XL... barely room for the girls, but oh well! It made me feel pretty! And I can easily wear my XL Susan G Komen Chamberlain Team shirt for the race)
Current Bra size: 44 DD or 42 DD depending on which style I am wearing at the moment.
Current Fill: 1.4cc
For more measurements see my previous post!

Thanks for checking in Y'all! xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Better Late than Never... One Month Post OP 9/30/12

I have been bogged down by school so much that I have had no time for anything extra. I am so sorry for my lack of weigh in posts, though I assure you that they still happened. :) This will be back dated so I can catch you all up!

Here are my STATS from Pre Surgery a month ago:

Weight: 267 pounds
Bust: 52"
Neck:  17"
Waist: 55"
Hips :  51"
Biceps: L: 16" R: 16"
Thighs: L: 31.5" R: 31"

One Month Post Op Measurements:

Weight: 250 pounds (9/30) (-17 total pounds since surgery! and 25 pounds lost since May 2012!)

All measurements were taken today, because I forgot.. :(
Bust: 50.5" (-1.5)
Neck:  16.5" (-.5)
Waist: 51" (-4.... holy freaking cow, i had to have hubby double check this one...)
Hips :  48.5" (-2.5 again... holy cow!)
Biceps: L: 15.5" R: 15.5" (-1)
Thighs: L: 28.5" R: 28.5"(-5.5)

OK... no more doubting myself... AND I totally should have done this sooner, because that right there is results people!

I am feeling great. I had a slump there for a while, but you will see on my next couple posts that I climbed out of it and then on top of it got a fill! So things are progressing wonderfully!