Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three month Post Op and a SUPER update

So I have been going at this for three months now and I will just say that I am overall happy with my decision, even though there are many ups and downs in this process. That being said, lets talk about successes!
 Below are pre surgical measurements:
Weight: 267 pounds
Bust: 52"
Neck:  17"
Waist: 55"
Hips :  51"
Biceps: L: 16" R: 16"
Thighs: L: 31.5" R: 31"

Looking at now three months Post Op: (11/30/12)
First of all, I have decided while measurements are a great way to see progress, I really don't want to track that every month. It all comes down to how I feel and that is way more important to me than centimeters and inches lost. So no measurements like that... at least not right now.
Weight: 240 (That is a 27 pound loss in 3 months!)
I went down a bra size, at least circumference wise and am rocking a 42DD very comfortably now.
I am wearing almost all XL size shirts now, with a few XXL mixed in
All of my jeans are now size 18. (My 20s are falling off!)

I am beyond happy with this progress, but things have slowed down these past couple weeks and I found myself being able to eat pretty much anything I wanted in moderation, which is great, but not allowing me to progress as fast as I would have liked. So I went in to get a fill! I have a band that only holds 4cc and now have a fill totaling 2.4cc. That means it is over half closed! Let me tell you... I have MAJOR restriction. I almost regret getting so heavy of a fill this time around because I can barely tolerate any solid food. I have been fighting a cold for about 3 weeks on and off because it recirculates in my house and at school... we just cant shake it! So Im hoping that when I start feeling better the band will relax a little. Until then, I am taking suggestions for squishy meal ideas! ;)

We took Austin to Disneyland this past Tuesday, it was so much fun! It was a whirlwind of a trip that involved leaving late Monday night, going to disney ALL day Tuesday, then driving back to Blythe Tuesday night, and then driving back to Phoenix on Wednesday morning so I could make it back in time to take my test in Critical Care class! Talk about a crazy couple of days! I did get to see my Bestie Sweets. She is the cheese to my crackers, let me tell ya. You know how you have those moments in life with people that just make you smile and know that everything is going to be ok? She does that for me ALL. THE. TIME. It was so much fun to spend the day with her and her family at Disney, and even though I was super tired, it was so worth it!!!

I will post some pictures soon from Disney and such, Hope y'all are well. :)

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