Sunday, August 26, 2012


I think the most useful tool that I noticed on previous blogs is being honest and keeping track of your actual weight and measurements. This is crazy hard to put out on the internet, but here goes.

Heaviest weight: 285 pounds, just call me Big Mama (9 months pregnant with my son in May, 2011)

Post pregnancy:  270-280 until May 2012

         (probably about 275 here in this pic, taken in October 2011.)

Current weight:  265 and holding strong.
(did get down to 255, but i think that was a fluke because it only lasted a week or two.)

Current Measurements:
Bust: 52"
Neck:  17"
Waist: 55"
Hips :  51"
Biceps: L: 16" R: 16"
Thighs: L: 31.5" R: 31"

(Maybe there is hope for an hourglass figure??)

                         (Taken in July, at about 265 pounds.)


  1. Hi Sarah, wish you could have had lunch with us today. It was a fun time. Glad to see you have a blog up running. I would suggest that you add a follower button so that we can all automatically be linked up to your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you..

    1. I think I added one now... emphasis on think... hopefully I did it right. :)

  2. Hi! I hope you keep up with the's helped me so much the last couple years! Good luck with surgery this week!

  3. New follower...the blogging thing has helped me tremendously---use it, it does help and posting stats for the first time is humbling but your beautiful and this is going to be a great journey! Good luck with surgery this week!

  4. Hi there! Another AZ girl here! I have met some amazing women through these blogs so keep at it please!! Good luck this week! You'll do great! We are both on the Phx Ladies FB page so ask away with questions, it's a great group of girls with lots of information!!

  5. Hi! I am your newest follower.

    Your accountability is AWESOME. LOVE all the numbers and stats you've posted. What day have you chosen for a weekly weigh in?

    1. Hmm I hadn't really thought about that. Let's go for Sunday fun day! :)

  6. New Follower. OMG!! Arizona is quickly taking over the LapBand blogosphere!!! Best of wishes to you!!!!

  7. You will be thankful you posted all this someday. I wish I took more befores... and I REALLY wish I had taken measurements.

    GO AZ BLOGGERS. lol. ;)

  8. new follower here! having a blog and following blogs are the best thing i've done through this journey!