Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Week Post Op!

If a year ago you were to ask me if I ever thought I would be a size smaller than a 16, my answer would have surely been, Hell to the no. But this amazing opportunity and decision came before me to change my mind, my perspective, my habits, and quite simply, MY LIFE, and now that I'm a week out I know I will never regret this.

The past week has been filled with ups and downs, hunger pangs and nausea, incision pain and a few tears, but seeing that number on the scale drop day after day made it all worth it. I've been eating full, or what I like to call thick liquids for a couple days, and feeling that restriction is so amazing! I know that I can do this with the help of my little band! I don't feel nearly as hungry as I first did and I am learning more and more every day about feeding myself and making sure I get enough water. (my biggest challenge by far is the H2O!) I feel great and am really excited to move on!

One week post op weigh-in:
256 lbs

That's 11 pounds since the day before surgery people!

I know this probably won't last, and I may gain some back when I start eating normal food instead of liquids, but I'm going to soak it in and use this little surge of weight loss, be it actual or water loss - I really don't care, to motivate me to buckle down, make healthy choices and exercise my little heart out. That way when the day comes and I see my goal weight on that scale I will know that I worked my tight little butt off for it and I will own that shiz! (I may even buy myself a trophy... ;-) )

Thank you all for checking in on me, for your thoughts and prayers, and most of all your encouragement! I appreciate all of your comments and emails, they really kept me going this week!



  1. Yea!!! isn't it a great feeling when you realize you can do this? I remember that it renewed my I will say you are entering a tough time with bander hell until you get proper restriction...could take 3-4 fills...just preparing you...but concentrate on healing!!!

  2. You're doing great! I love the idea of a trophy. I think we definitely will deserve one when we make goal.

  3. Glad you are feeling good... and positive! :)

  4. Own that SHIZ baby!! OWN IT! :)