Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Weeks Post Op

I feel Fan-FREAKING-Tastic! Seriously. I haven't felt this good in sooooooo long. There are lots of reasons, the biggest is overcoming the depression from my son's birthing near death. (more on that in another post). I have been getting better and better since, but today I woke up and realized that my face looks different. It's slightly thinner, but that's not what caught my eye... I am literally LIT up y'all. It's weird and exciting to see a glow again where I used to fake it with bronzer and blush. It's nice not to have sunken eyes that look dead inside when seeing my reflection. And it's really nice to know that all of this is happening because I made the decision to stop blaming myself for everything and just allow myself a little bit of happiness and a lot a bit of health.
I am so happy that I made this decision and extremely excited for what is to come!

I am not going to weigh myself like I have been. I am writing this as a promise to myself because I dont want to obsess over the scale. So I will see y'all on Sunday for weigh in day! :)


(ps. My son is fine, don't worry. In fact he is better than fine, he is a medical miracle. The story is just hard to tell because it still tugs at my heart strings. Especially because in taking OB in nursing school right now! Promise to upload his birth story or something some day for those of you that are interested!)

PPS: I did my first 12 hour clinical shift on Wednesday since getting the band. That was super hard! I had a really tough time towards the end of the day because I ran out of gas... Gonna have to figure out a way to keep my energy up!

Ok that's it. For real this time. Xo!


  1. Yay! I can FEEL your shine thru your post. Keep smiling!!

  2. I'm loving the positivity in this post! Glad you're feeling so good!